Family Support for Daughter’s Drug Use in BC

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This family wanted information on how to talk to their daughter about using substances. She struggled with drugs in the past and stopped using on her own, but they suspect she is using again. They want to know how to provide a safe environment so they talk to her about recovery in non-threatening way.

We suggested the following options/steps: 

  • Set up couple/family therapy sessions to help
  • Contact the mental and addictions office to see if they have any services for affected loved ones
  • Attend traditional meetings groups like al-anon and narcanon
  • Find tips in our family resources
  • Find tips in our enabling and boundaries page

We told this family that once they know how to approach their daughter, they should call us back to get treatment resources for her once she chooses to seek recovery.

Here is a counsellor in Maple Ridge that might be best suited for your needs:

Miller, Sandy – MA, RCC
Oakhill Counselling and Mediation Services
200-11830-223 Street, Maple Ridge
Phone: (604) 607-1035
Note: Sandy has over 20 years experience working with individuals, couples, and families on issues such as trauma/abuse, addictions, grief, gender identity issues, and health issues.


Here is your local mental health and addiction office. I would contact them to see if the can provide any support for affected family members.

Alouette Addiction Services
22477 Lougheed Highway
Phone: (604) 467-5179.
Note: Also serves families and has support groups including a dual diagnosis support group. Hours are 8:30 to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday (closed noon hour).


101-3680 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V5K 2A9
Phone: (604) 688-1716 Website: E-mail:

Nar-Anon British Columbia or Nar-Anon Vancouver
PO Box 38734
126 W 3rd St.
Vancouver, BC V7M 3N1
Phone: (604) 878-8844
Additional Websites: (1) Nar-Anon Vancouver (2) (3) Online Al-Anon Outreach

Here is the link to resources page for families:

There is a ton of information on this page that you can read through to find out what’s relevant for you and your situation.

From the family help page I have pulled a list of printed resources for boundaries and enabling:


  1. my wife is addicted to crystal meth she has been smoking it for 8 months straight now and has lost her personality and her addiction is killing here, what can i do??


    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for getting in touch with us. There are many resources available in Canada for Crystal Meth addiction and for families/spouses of individuals with addictions. We can help you, but will need a little bit more information like where you are located. Please call us at 1.866.462.6362 or email us at and we can get started right away.

      Canada Drug Rehab Helpdesk

  2. Thank You!

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